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Fashion News

Fashion Trends

There's a hot new fashion accessory that's raising hackles in some unexpected quarters. And hackles is the keyword here, because the latest rage is hackle feathers from roosters as hair accessor. Some say it was Steven Tyler, the bandleader of Aerosmith and the new judge on American Idol, who is responsible for this, but it's impossible to say.

The hackle feathers are used by fishermen to add an eye-catching tail to their fishing lures. The roosters are specially bred to produce these long, ethereal feathers, and their popularity with young women has caused something of a nation-wide shortage. Women are complaining that some bait shops won't allow them to buy them. How long the fad will last is anyone's guess, but can cammo vests be far behind?

Lifestyle Tips

When you need to accessorize your life, you have a world of choices. You can choose to decorate your room with Disney collectibles. Or check out some fancy French Gift ideas from an online boutique, or go bohemian with some hobby like collecting rocks. Many people find that estate and moving sales offer great values on fashion and accessories.

And when you're aching to show off your new wardrobe, it's only natural to think of travel and vacations. For a fun time at home, try Twin Cities Staycation for advice on places to go and things to do that are close to home. If you're taking the kids along, check out these simple kids crafts that will keep the young ones from getting bored while the grown-ups are sightseeing.

See Maynard's Tackle for hand-crafted tungsten fishing jigs, made in Minnesota since 1958.

Fashion Hints

The best fashion hint is to be comfortable with whatever you wear. An ill-fitting strait-jacket of a gown may make you look fabulous, but you won't be able to enjoy yourself and those around you will miss the best thing you have to offer - yourself. So, forego the hobbling high heels and Saran Wrap, and find the best fitting dress you can and shoes that don't make you cringe with every step. That way the most vivid memory you have of that special occasion will be the great time you had, and not the pain you endured through the whole affair. So de-stress with some fresh-brewed gourmet loose leaf tea and get comfortable before trying to select a dress.

Fit and fashion go hand-in-hand, and that's why a custom evening gown or prom dress can make that special evening one you'll remember for the rest of your life. So, please consult Valcouie Couture when you want a new dress or gown to make an extraordinary statement at that special event. We've recently made our custom evening gown and custom prom dress photo galleries easier to use, so be sure to take a look at them.


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